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Juno Beach Park Pier provides affordable fun for families and fishers

The Juno Beach Pier is one of the hidden gems in Palm Beach County. The Juno Beach Pier is not only great for fishing, but it also provides a fun day at the beach for spectators. The entry fee to watch some of South Florida’s best fishers is more than reasonable at $1. However, if you elect to fish it will cost you $4.

The crystal clear water allows you to see the fish swimming. The quiet and intense setting can instantly turn into a cheerful and loud setting when a fish is hooked. Snook seemed to be the popular fish that people were catching, but there are countless other types of fish you can catch depending where you fish on the pier.

Tyler, a Jupiter resident and 8-year-old first time fisher, said, “This was a lot of fun. When you catch a fish you get real excited and you just can’t wait to find you what you have.”

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