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Suspect in street racing crash near OIA loses license


Police make an arrest in connection with a big street racing crash that injured over a dozen people this weekend.

The illegal street racing left one person in critical condition, and dozen others were sent to the hospital with injuries. The man who police said is responsible had to pay less than $300 to get out of jail — 10 percent of the $2,750 bond set.

Ronald Lastra, 22, was suspected of driving a Mitsubishi Mirage going more than 100 mph into a crowd, according to witnesses.

Lastra was charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor for leaving a scene with injuries, reckless driving causing serious bodily injury and unlawful racing.

The accident happened 3 a.m. Sunday, and in court Monday, Judge Jerry Brewer said Lastra should not be able to drive.

“I’m going to direct that the state of Florida suspend your driving privilege pending further order in this case. You do not have a driving privilege as of right now. It may have already been suspended administratively. In the event that it wasn’t, your driving privilege is suspended as of today,” Brewer ordered.

In addition to suspended driving privileges, Lastra will also have to wear a GPS device and home confinement.


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