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Fatal two vehicle accident just north of Jacksonville


Two East Texans are dead after being involved in a two-vehicle accident Saturday morning.

Officials tell KLTV that 26-year old John Klueppel and 22-year old Ryan Campos were in a 2002 Lexus traveling northbound on U.S. Highway 69 just north of N. Bolton St. when it was hit by a 2011 Ford pickup. Officials say the Ford pickup was driven by Ronald Odum and that he was traveling northbound and swerved into the southbound lanes.

Klueppel and Campos were pronounced dead at the scene. Odum was transported to East Texas Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

Officials also say that it is not clear if alcohol was involved in the wreck, but they did say that there was none visible at the scene. The crash remains under investigation.

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