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Cops: Dyer’s son ran away after driving car into house, causing $20K in damage

Dyer said his son immediately notified the homeowner, handed over his contact information and then left.


“Teenage driving, I guess …. It’s every parent’s nightmare,” Dyer said Tuesday morning at a brief news conference during which he said his son did everything right following the incident.

Jason Schrago, who owns the house, said the doorbell woke him up. When he went to answer, he saw that a car had crashed into his laundry room, bursting the pipes and causing a flood, the report states.

Schrago told investigators a young man at his door offered to pay for the damage. He noticed another young man, shirtless, standing at the edge of a driveway across the street and called 911. By the time officers arrived, the strangers had run away in different directions, according to the report.

Officers found a wallet on the floor of the Infiniti and another inside the glove compartment, both belonging to 17-year-old boys whose names have been blacked out of the report. The car was towed.

Police Chief Paul Rooney responded to the scene after spending the evening patrolling and monitoring radio traffic as downtown crowds poured out of the clubs, said Sgt. Vince Ogburn, a police spokesman.

Ogburn said Rooney periodically responds to calls to back up officers.

Dyer said he has retained attorney Tad Yates because he thought it would be more appropriate than contacting police himself.

No charges have been filed.

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