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Woman Killed in Chevy Chase Car Crash

A car crash on Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase Village killed a woman and sent a man to the hospital on Tuesday, the Montgomery County Police Department reported on Twitter

The woman was a passenger in the car, and the man was driving the car at the time of the crash. A witness said that the car crashed into a tree, WAMU reported.

The crash happened shortly before noon in the southbound lanes of Connecticut Avenue (Maryland state Route 185) near Irving Street (not far from Chevy Chase Village Hall), county police reported on Twitter. 

Immediately after the accident, all lanes on Connecticut Avenue were closed to traffic between Bradley Lane and Chevy Chase Circle. By 12:13 p.m., northbound lanes were open, while southbound lanes remained closed as police investigated the accident, county police added on Twitter.

A witness—Kimberly Holland—told WAMU reporter Armando Trull what she saw:

I saw this car swerve and hit the tree head-on. I turned back around on Connecticut Ave., jumped out of my car and opened the driver’s door. … And then we saw flames coming under the car and some other witnesses and I were scrambling to find fire extinguishers and to help these people out.

On Twitter, county police advised drivers to use East-West Highway as an alternative route to Connecticut Avenue.

Read more on WAMU.

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