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Judge Jeffrey Colbath interviews jurors in high-profile DUI case


What was supposed to be sentencing day for John Goodman has instead been reserved for questioning of the jury that convicted him.

Goodman is the Wellington polo mogul found guilty last month in a DUI manslaughter trial that made national headlines. Scott Wilson, 23, was killed in a car crash that Goodman caused in Wellington in 2010.

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Since his conviction five weeks ago, Goodman’s defense team has worked several angles to try to get him out of jail, including last week’s claims of jury misconduct during the trial.

Judge Jeffrey Colbath, who Monday morning shot down the defense’s request for a bond hearing, will spend Monday afternoon interviewing the jurors.

Monday was supposed to be sentencing day for Goodman, who sat in the courtroom wearing his jail-issued blue jumpsuit.

Last week, Goodman’s lawyers asked Colbath to step down from the case, alleging he wasn’t impartial by not disclosing that at least one juror had tried to contact him during the trial.

Friday afternoon, Colbath ruled that he wouldn’t step down, prompting Goodman’s defense to ask that he wait for an appeals ruling before proceeding with Monday’s interviews.

Whenever he’s sentenced, Goodman faces a possible 30-year prison term.

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