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Bus driver in Miami airport crash claims innocence

Florida News

Bus driver in Miami airport crash claims innocence
November 30, 2013 14:14 EST

MIAMI (AP) — The bus driver charged in a crash at Miami International Airport that killed three passengers says he is innocent.

Ramon Ferreiro told The Miami Herald (http://hrld.us/1eyuQpj ) Friday, “You never think an accident is going to happen, but it did.”

Ferreiro said he is not a killer and declined to comment on advice of his attorneys.

The 48-year-old driver has been charged with three counts of felony vehicular homicide as well as reckless driving.

Ferreiro was driving a charter bus carrying 31 people en route to a Jehovah’s Witness assembly last December. He crashed the nearly 12-foot-tall bus into an airport arrival entrance with a clearance of about 10 feet. One passenger in the upper section was killed and two others died later from injuries sustained in the crash.

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