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Man, 18, in jail after shoving 68-year-old man at Delray Beach crash, cursing at …

An 18-year-old who police say failed to keep his temper in check after a car crash and shoved a 68-year-old man at the scene is in jail Thursday facing charges of aggravated battery.

Kaedon Parker Walton of Greenacres likely did not help his case by “screaming hysterically” at both civilians and officers at the scene, or by calling the arresting officer a “cracker dyke” in an otherwise obscenity-filled rant, as detailed in his arrest report.

The crash happened Wednesday afternoon at West Atlantic Avenue and Homewood Boulevard. Walton was one of two drivers involved; an elderly woman was the other, according to the report.

David Keir Roberts, 68, stopped at the scene to help the elderly female driver. Roberts and others at the scene told police that Walton was “being aggressive and verbally abusive to both him and the elderly driver.”

Walton walked away momentarily only to return and shove Roberts in the back and then in the chest “several times.”

The report does not indicate what injuries, if any, Roberts suffered. But Walton went to Bethesda Hospital to be examined.

There, Delray Beach Police Officer Roxanne Robertson reported Walton was screaming at hospital staff and police.

When Walton went to walk away, Robertson directed him back to the room and that’s when he began a new verbal tirade and then tried to “head butt” her when being forced into a chair. Once in a patrol car, he banged his head against the window.

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