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Hundreds of teens helping Belle Glade residents

BELLE GLADE, Fla. – Hundreds of teens helping Belle Glade residents

With a paintbrush in hand, 15 year old Evelyn Stetzer places the finishing touches to the life center building in Belle Glade. This is her third year signing up for Christ Fellowship Church’s week long summer camp. The camp is actually a time when teenagers serve the community by doing different projects.

Evelyn Stetzer told us, “All my friends are like really close, we have good team work and honestly I love it. This is my first year doing physical labor getting hands on, and actually seeing the immediate difference.”

Ryan West is also a volunteer this week. He said, “Once you get out here and you really start showing the love of Christ, you realize rather than sitting at home and thinking about yourself all of the time, you get out here and really serve people, that’s when you have the most joy in your heart.”

Four hundred and seventy four middle and high school students have been out in the Belle Glade area all week. They have been painting, helping with the community garden and hosting Vacation Bible School.

Kevin Wilson, Director of Student Ministries at Christ Fellowship Church said, “I believe this generation is a very cause driven generation and so I think the idea of serving others is so important to our students. Our students are passionate about a few things, one of them is serving. This is not us coming here to help the community, it’s to help serve alongside the community and because of the response we have seen from the amazing people of Belle Glade, that’s just prompted us to come back even more.”


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