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Tampa motorcyclist killed in Daytona Beach while speeding on Ninja-style …

Helmet made no difference

DAYTONA BEACH — A Tampa man was killed earlier today after crashing into guardrails at South Clyde Morris and Buccaneer Way, Daytona Beach police said.

The body of the victim was identified at the scene of the 3 p.m. accident as that of Ricky Whitehead, but no age was provided to the media.

Here is a synopsis of what happened, according to a scant press release: The motorcyclist was traveling at a “high rate of speed” northbound on Clyde Morris approaching the intersection of Buccaneer Way.

He swerved into the other lane and southbound traffic before slamming into a guardrail.

Whitehead was subsequently ejected from the bike and landed 200 feet away fronm the point of impact, Daytona cops said. Though he was wearing a helmet, the impact of the crash was catastrophic.


Article source: http://headlinesurfer.com/content/412581-tampa-motorcyclist-killed-daytona-beach-while-speeding-ninja-style-kawasaki

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