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Boy Airlifted from Crash in Town of Alabama

3:42 PM

By: YNN Staff

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A single car crash this morning in the Town of Alabama was violent enough to split a car in two, seriously injuring a boy.

Deputies told us the car hit that utility pole on the right on Ledge Road. The crash split the car in two sending both parts across the road near a cornfield.

A boy was strapped in the back half of the car. He was flown to Women and Children’s Hospital in Buffalo.

His father, Shawn Wolcott, 30, of Batavia was taken to Erie County Medical Center.

Investigators believe Wolcott never hit the brakes as the car went off the road.

Article source: http://rochester.ynn.com/content/top_stories/691752/boy-airlifted-from-crash-in-town-of-alabama/

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