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Summer – Deadliest Driving Season for Teens

NEW YORK, Aug. 1, 2013  According to information released by the New York Teen Safe Driving Coalition, an increase in fatalities linked to car crashes that involve teens is typical during the 100 days of summer, due to an increase in the number of teen drivers on the road. Many of these accidents can be prevented with initiatives that serve to increase awareness about how teen drivers can practice safer habits while driving.

As noted by the coalition, an organization established by The Allstate Foundation and the National Safety Council to raise awareness about the causes of teen driver crashes and proposed prevention initiatives, parents have a significant role in ensuring that their teen is prepared to get behind the wheel. The following are tips outlined by the coalition in a recent report:

  • Teens who have a junior license should not be on the roads after 9 p.m. This is because accident risks increase during late night and early morning hours.
  • Teens should not transport or ride with other teen passengers alone.
  • Making travel arrangements in the event that a teen is expected to be out late with friends can help decrease accident risks.

More information related to teen driving risks and safety can be found by visiting the New York Teen Safe Driving Coalition online.


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