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Two people die in LARC van accident

LEE COUNTY, Fla. – Two people from Lee County died after a van blew a tire and overturned on I-75 Sunday morning. The van was heading to Venice and was carrying eight occupants from LARC, an organization that helps people with developmental disabilities.

kristen skovira spoke with the director who says they are devistated by the loss. Two vans left the LARC parking lot in Fort Myers, but only one made it safely to their destination.

“At this point in time everyone is beside themselves upset,” said LARC Director Roger Bradley. Bradey says it was supposed to be a relaxing trip to Quest’s Camp Thunderbird in Apopka, a time to relax and get away for awhile.

But according to Forida Highway Patrol, just after 9:30a.m. the van carrying eight people from the organization crashed after the left rear tire blew and driver Johniece Diaz lost control.

“She’ll make it. We’re pleased to hear that,” Bradley said. The van overturned killing two passengers, a woman in her seventies and woman in her twenties.

“I spoke with both of them Friday at lunch in the cafeteria and they were both so excited to be going,” he said.  

FHP says Diaz, who was not wearing a seat belt and four others are in serious condition at three different area hospitals.

Another passenger, who also wasn’t wearing a seat belt, is in critical condition.

“The woman who passed away I’ve known for 32 years. I’ve worked with her at the institution and she is a joy,” Bradley stated, “We’re trying to get through today and we’ll meet here early tomorrow morning and try to get through tomorrow.”

Article source: http://www.winknews.com/Local-Florida/2013-06-30/Two-people-die-in-LARC-van-accident

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