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50 Cent Opens Up About Car Crash: Bulletproof SUV Saved His Life [VIDEO]

Rapper Curtis Jackson III, better known as 50 Cent, was released from a hospital on Tuesday after suffering minor injuries when his SUV was involved in a car accident early Tuesday morning in New York, as stated by his publicist. The rapper recently opened up about the crash and says his vehicle saved him in the collision.

50 Cent was riding in his bulletproof SUV when it was rear-ended by a Mack Truck, on the Long Island Expressway in New York.

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“We were just riding down the LIE and a Mack Truck – he said he lost control of the vehicle later to police officers because his load shifted,” 50 explained. “He tried to brake, his load shifted, and he lost control and he ran into the back of the truck. It did more damage to the Mack Truck than it did to my truck, ’cause I got a level six; it’s a bulletproof vehicle. It’s the same standard as what they’re moving Obama around in.”

Billboard magazine ranked 50 Cent as the number one rap artist of the 2000s, with his album, “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” selling more than 6 million copies in the United States, and “The Massacre” from 2005 topping 5 million.

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