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Driver looses control; crashes into apartment – 7Online WSVN

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (WSVN) — The driver of a pick-up truck accidentally lost control and crashed into a South Florida apartment, Friday.

The back of a Volvo crashed into Carl Stanley’s living room while he was just feet away on the computer. “It was loud especially when it hit the window,” said Stanley.

Stanley ran outside to see if what happen and if anyone was injured. The driver of the pick-up truck lost control as he turned from Northeast 13th Street onto 15th Avenue, and hit a parked Volvo. “I’m usually on the couch watching DVD. I was just about to watch “Hangover 3,” said Stanley.

Larry Bisnett just bought the Volvo two weeks ago. “I couldn’t believe it at the time I had just got the car and I was so happy,” said Bisnett.

No one was injured.

Police are investigating the motive of the crash. The driver has not been cited.

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