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Brookfield schools act out mock crash for prom safety

BROOKFIELD TWP, Ohio  – Every 30 minutes in the United States someone dies of an alcohol related crash on roads and highways.

The risks for teen drivers goes up each prom and summer season.

To drive that point home, Brookfield High’s Student’s Against Drunk Driving teamed up with police, firefighters and emergency workers to stage this mock scenario.

“They’re maimed, killed. I’ve actually seen disembowlments, amputations. Unfortuantely, you never want to see a scene like that,” says Brookfield assistant fire chief Kenny Johnson.

From the accident scene trauma to the arrest of the alleged impaired or distracted driver, this drill is to make all drivers think about their future dreams lost.

“It’s prom season and we’re trying to etch in their minds what really happens at an accident involving underaged consumption of alcohol impaired drivers,” said Brookfield patrolmen Aaron Kasiewicz.

Stat Medivac which responds to the most serious of traumas also took part.

Almost 11,000 people in the U.S. lost their lives in alcohol related crashes each year.

There are hopes watching this mock scenario will help teens make better choices when they drive.

Now, there are additional concerns for parents. Officials said April, May and June are the most deadly times for seniors who text while they drive.

Firefighters and emergency workers warn all who do, will likely end up in the back of an ambulance or in a police car in cuffs.

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