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National Air Cargo Boeing 747 Crashes Just After Takeoff Killing All Onboard

April 30, 2013 – On Monday a National Air Cargo
Boeing 747-400, N949CA crashed just after
takeoff from the U.S. operated air base, Bagram
Air Base, Afghanistan at 11:20 a.m. local time.
All seven crewmembers onboard were killed and
the airplane destroyed.


National Airlines Flight 102 was an
international cargo flight was operating as
charter cargo flight for coalition forces was
destined for Dubai World Central – Al Maktoum
International Airport, Dubai, United Arab
Emirates. National Air Cargo is a U.S. air
carrier in Orchard Park, New York. 

The carrier

operates on demand cargo and passenger charter
services. Its main base is Orlando International
Airport, Orlando.

 The seven crew members
were all American citizens. The accident site
was within the perimeter of the air base.

Article source: http://avstop.com/April_2013/national_air_cargo_boeing_747_crashes_just_after_takeoff_killing_all_onboard.htm

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