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Deadly evening on Cape Coral roads

Deadly evening on Cape Coral roads


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CAPE CORAL, Fla. – The afternoon commute turned nightmarish in Cape Coral Thursday.  So far at least two people died in crashes Thursday night.

“All I see is the two vehicles in mid-air flipping,” said Krystal, a witness to the crash.

She described a grisly scene on Veterans Parkway. Wreckage was left behind after an accident around 5 Thursday evening involving two cars.

“This is up there with some of the worst ones I’ve seen,” said Cape Coral Police Chief Jay Murphy.

Murphy says two people were killed in that crash.

“The car landed on its top in such a way that they are in their and the top of the car is crush down into the seats,” he said.

Veterans Parkway near Chiquita Boulevard shut down for hours as police pieced together what happened.

“It sounds like it was totally senseless and there was no need for this to have occurred,” Chief Murphy said. “The preliminary information is that this large black vehicle that is on its roof over here may have been just driving in a reckless manner.”

The people inside black hummer , a man and a small boy, were rescued by witnesses.

“It felt like just a few seconds really,” Krystal said.

Just an hour before this deadly accident, a fiery crash shut down Del Prado Boulevard after a motorcycle and car collided. 

Witnesses say the driver of the SUV was turning onto Northeast 3rd Terrace when they collided with the motorcycle.  The motorcyclist was taken to the hospital as a ‘trauma alert.’  

The investigation into these crashes is expected to take quite some time.

“We’ll do it,” Chief Murphy said. “We’ll do it right and it’s going to take time.”

Cape police say traffic homicide investigators were at both crashes in the city Thursday. 

As for the crash on Veterans Parkway, police say it will take 30 days at the earliest to investigate.

Article source: http://www.fox4now.com/news/local/194096751.html

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