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Thornwood Man, 24, Killed In Tampa Motorcycle Crash

THORNWOOD, N.Y. – Matthew Heilman, 24, of Thornwood, was killed last weekend in a motorcycle accident in Tampa.

Around 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Heilman was riding as a passenger on a 2009 Harley Davidson motorcycle when the driver lost control as he attempted to stop for traffic, according to a report published in the Tampa Bay Times. The motorcycle slid on its side and Heilman struck his head on the pavement. He was then taken to Tampa General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 

The driver of the motorcycle, Kyle John Viticonte, 23, of Ormond Beach, Fla., was listed in serious but stable condition following the crash. 

Tampa police Thursday did not release any information on how fast Viticonte was driving at the time of the accident and whether or not they were wearing helmets. In the state of Florida, motorcycle riders at least age 21 can ride without wearing a protective helmet.

The Times reports that as of Sunday, police were waiting for Viticonte’s recovery in order to investigate the crash and decide whether or not to press charges. 

Heilman, a lifelong resident of New York, is a Westlake High School graduate and graduated from the University of Tampa. A memorial service for Heilman was conducted Thursday at the Valhalla United Methodist Church in Valhalla. 

Article source: http://mountpleasant.dailyvoice.com/news/thornwood-man-24-killed-tampa-motorcycle-crash

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