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Teen shot and killed at Delray Beach house party

Posted by: Karl Man/CBS 12 News
DELRAY BEACH, FLA – A local high school student is dead following a party that was crashed by some unwanted guests.

Police tell CBS 12 that it was a chaotic string of events. They add that a party made up of high schoolers was held at an upscale Delray Beach home Saturday night. The home is located at 1031 Bauhinia Road in Delray Beach.

Police say  that things got out of hand, 18-year-old Donte Weir, a senior at Olympic Heights High School was shot in the chest and killed by some party crashers.

In a conference call Monday morning Leslie Young, Dontae Weir’s mother talked to CBS 12 about her son who was shot and killed Saturday night.
She pleaded for community help in finding the suspect(s) responsible in  killing her son.

Neighbors that have lived in the upscale area near the shooting for a long time could not believe the news of the high school party turned deadly.
The people at the house where police said the shooting happened didn’t want to answer any questions. For the time being neighbors near the deadly scene are going to do all they can to stay safe.

Officials said what is making this investigation difficult is that all the high school students that they are interviewing are telling different stories…conflicting reports not making things easy for investigators. Teen shot and killed at Delray Beach house party

Article source: http://www.cbs12.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_4069.shtml

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