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Multi-vehicle crash results in injury

NOVINGER, MO — The snow may have caused a three-car accident near Novinger, Missouri.

Emergency responders received the call early Monday afternoon to respond to an accident on Highway 149. Once they arrived, they found that three vehicles were involved and at least two were on the side of the roadway in ditches.

We spoke with one of the drivers who was involved in the accident.

Kristine Ennis said it all started when she lost control of her vehicle.

“I was coming around the corner here going about fifteen to twenty miles per hour and I lost control of the car and landed in the ditch. A gentleman in a red truck was kind enough to stop and help me get out,” said Ennis.

She said a white car came around the corner and couldn’t stop and ended up T-boning the truck.

We’re told that one person was transported to the hospital.

The extent of that person’s injuries are still unknown.

Article source: http://www.heartlandconnection.com/news/story.aspx?id=842492

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